Slow and steady wins the race. This truism applies to medicine as well.  Fast results sometimes are frequently temporary.  The slow and steady results that give longer lasting and permanent effects are preferable.

I recently saw a woman in clinic for followup of her ankle and knee osteoarthritis.  I treated her left ankle joint with stem cells 6 months ago.  After 3 months her pain relief was only mild.  When I saw her recently she reports that her ankle has continued to make steady consistent improvement and feels quite well now. The results were not quick but are certainly more durable.

In contrast, her knee arthritis was treated with a steroid injection.  Her response was immediate relief, but within the month it was starting to hurt again.  Suffice to say we are now pursuing a longer term treatment plan for her knee pain.

Long term solutions don’t come easy.  They take a thoughtful and nuanced approach.  Most off all sometimes they take time.


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