ankle pain

An ankle sprain means that you’ve stretched and injured a ligament that supports the ankle. If the ligament does not properly heal or you injure it again, the ligament eventually weakens. This leads to recurrent ankle sprains in the future and chronic pain.

How do you know you may have weakness in a ligament in your ankle:
Try standing on one leg. If your ankle of the leg you’re standing on turns unintentionally, you may have a chronically weakened/injured ankle ligament.
If walking long distances causes soreness in your ankle, you may have a structural issue affecting the ankle.

If ankle soreness is a chronic problem, or causing limitations in your activities and exercise, get checked out to see if you have such an ankle problem.

Strategies to avoid
Doing nothing is a bad strategy. Chronic problems after an ankle sprain don’t typically improve without taking action.
Masking pain with pain meds is ignoring a developing problem.
Repeat steroid injections can over time weaken tendons and ligaments, which is the exact opposite of what you want long term.

Treatment options to consider
Physical therapy exercises to strengthen the ankle can help.
Ankle bracing to support a weakened ligament.
Regenerative treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma can help tighten and strengthen a weakened ligament.


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