I’ve talked about some of the newer cell based treatments for osteoarthritis and tendinitis. So I am taking the next step in this process. This week I am visiting and training at the Regenexx clinic in Denver. These folks are at the cutting edge of cell based treatments, and I’m excited to be offering these treatments in the next few weeks. My entire office will be making a few trips to Regenexx headquarters to learn the ins and out of their treatments. They have some great people there. One frustration I have discussed in this blog is the lack of really good treatments available for osteoarthritis and tendinitis. Compared to the autoimmune inflammatory arthritis conditions, there have traditionally not been as good treatments for osteoarthritis and tendinitis. PRP has been my entry into the world of regenerative medicine for these conditions. Incorporating the Regenexx procedures will push my efforts in this regard to the next level.

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