New year resolution


The new year brings new resolutions. Here are some good resolutions to help with arthritis.

1. Exercise: Most of us don’t do enough. It’s a new year, another chance to get back into the swing of things. If it’s been a while, work with an experienced and knowledgeable trainer to develop a regimen to strengthen the muscles around any arthritic joints. Strengthening those muscles can protect the joint, reduce pain, and prevent progression of arthritis.

2. Lose any additional weight you may be carrying. Less weight means less stress on your back and lower extremities. Regular cardiovascular activity and smart food choices are the cornerstone here. Small steady improvements here will pay off to a large degree long term.

3. Medical treatments: Think long term. Make sure your treatment choices are meant to protect and preserve your joints rather than offer strictly short term pain control. If you’re not sure whether you are being treated with smart long term choices, speak with your physician.

Happy new year.


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