I can offer great treatments for certain types of arthritis. I have treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis that are life changing. I have a recipe for gout that works great. Platelet rich plasma is a good option for mild to moderate osteoarthritis and tendinitis. But my treatments for more advanced osteoarthritis and tendinitis are limited. Based on my Be Better philosophy, it’s time I improved my treatments for these conditions.


I’ve been involved with PRP for the last 3 yrs, progressively using it more as the science has grown. In that context, I am visiting the Regenexx clinic in Denver this Friday. They are the leaders in autologous stem cell treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. Working with Regenexx is the next logical step in my education and involvement in regenerative medicine. Cell based therapies have progressed beyond the initial stage, have shown great promise, and will continue to grow. Getting involved at this stage makes sense. It offers help to people with conditions that are not well treated with traditional modalities. And it’s intellectually exciting to be involved at an early stage with this modality. Stay tuned as you’ll be hearing a lot more about stem cells from me over the next few months.

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