Musculoskeletal medicine has a long way to go. The traditional treatments are either not good enough or overly aggressive. Repeat steroid injections at not good enough. Joint replacement surgery makes sense for some people, but is over used for many.

The most exciting movement in musculoskeletal medicine currently are cell based treatments, stem cells being the foremost one. Since the treatments are autologous they are generally safer than surgery. Since they have potential reparative potential they are more appropriate than recurrent high dose steroid and local anesthetic injections which have potential chondrotoxicity. Cell based therapies make sense from a risk and potential benefit standpoint. Committing to a surgical option too early could be a mistake, in particular if a cell based treatment can offer benefit.

The beauty of the Regenexx procedures is that they are better than the alternative options. Having trained at their clinic recently, I see the benefit of having flexibility in PRP and stem cell production. Rather than creating a one size fits all PRP, it’s nice to have the flexibility to create different concentrations of PRP based on an individual patient’s needs. The cell based treatment methods are changing rapidly. It’s best to maintain flexibility and be part of a network of physicians like the Regenexx network who can share ideas and best practices. The next new thing for me are the Regenexx procedures.

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