tennis elbow pain

Lateral epicondylopathy, also known as tennis elbow, is a condition where the tendons of the forearm that insert on the outside edge of your elbow become inflamed and irritated. Essentially, the muscles that help to extend your wrist and pronate your forearm are over worked, resulting in a strain of the tendons. While a classic injury in tennis players, this can occur in other sports and activities.

The correct approach to treating this sort of tendinopathy is to first cut back on the activity that is causing the pain to begin with.  Your long term goal is to get back to your normal activity level, but short term rest is important. Next, working with physical therapy to strengthen the tendons using eccentric exercises is imperative. If that is inadequate, platelet rich plasma is an excellent biologic treatment to treat this tendinopathy. Long term results are favorable with use of platelet rich plasma in tennis elbow.  And of course anything that only helps short term but hurts long term, such as anti-inflammatory medications and steroid injections, must be avoided and has no part in the long term treatment plan for tendinitis.

Tennis elbow can be an incredibly painful and disabling condition. A sound, healthy, long term approach to care for your injured tendon can get you back to your normal activity level.

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