Couple running in forest with bluebell flowersMy father is 69 years old, has been active his entire life, and is running his first marathon here in Chicago.  He has been running half marathons for the last 1 year, and shorter distances for the year prior to that.  He’s blessed with favorable genetics, no prior significant trauma history, and is relatively healthy.  Injuries can and do eventually occur, and many of us as we age eventually develop joint and tendon issues.  Here are my suggestions on how to take care of yourself, the aging athlete.

-Focus on correct biomechanics. The better form you start with, hopefully the less likely you are to encounter an injury.

-Focus on your nutrition. Garbage in, garbage out is the saying. Maintain a heart healthy diet long term will give you the right fuel to stay active. 

-Work with a personal trainer who understands how to work with folks with injuries and aging athletes. A workout regimen that works when you’re 18 will not necessarily be the same when you’re 55. It’s important to keep your exercise regimen diversified and adjustable. Your trainer should be an asset in this regard and must be flexible with your life’s circumstances.  

-Know and have a great physical therapist on hand. Mind you not a good one, but a great one. A great physical therapist can help you recover from an acute injury.

-Keep up to date with the most appropriate supplements for joint health, for example the Regenexx stem cell supplement. Again, feed the machine the right stuff to get the best results.

-If you are injured and not recovering with rest and physical therapy, make sure you have a physician who can treat your orthopedic injuries with the best available regenerative treatments.

In regards to all of the above options, choose only the best available treatments and providers. Your body deserves it.


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