knee pain stem cell treatment

Currently, many of the people who inquire about the Regenexx same day stem cell treatment for their knee arthritis have fairly advanced degree of arthritis. In an ideal future scenario, we will be using biologic treatments such as stem cells and platelet rich plasma to treat arthritis at earlier stages, and joints that have been traumatized immediately after injury to prevent progression of the degenerative process. Until that time, for those individuals who have more advanced knee arthritis and are wondering if the Regenexx treatments can help, the answer is yes they can.


Benefits of regenexx stem cell treatment in advanced knee arthritis

The outcomes that are most meaningful in arthritis treatment are pain and functional improvement. This is in contrast to following MRI and x-ray findings. Imaging findings are interesting, and there are case reports of advanced arthritis improving after biologic treatments. However, focusing on imaging findings rather than pain and activity outcomes is a mistake.  Imaging findings only partially correlate with pain levels, and in some people not at all. Focus on the clinical outcomes that are truly meaningful, and use the imaging findings to guide treatment, not decide on treatment.

The data from the Regenexx network shows that even advanced knee arthritis patients can achieve fairly good response in regards to pain and functional improvement. Compared to other treatment options, the same day Regenexx stem cell treatment is a reasonable and stronger treatment. Compared to viscosupplementation injections, platelet rich plasma injections, steroid injections, and pain medications, the effectiveness of the Regenexx protocol is superior in my experience.  In some individuals surgical replacement is preferable. But even in the case of knee replacement, the efficacy of the Regenexx stem cell treatment is similar in regards to pain and functional relief, with significantly less side effect potential.  Data collected by Mitch Sheinkop MD from the Regenexx network shows that surgically removing the knee joint and replacing with metal gives similar relief of pain compared to the Regenexx protocol, but the return to previous activities is better with the Regenexx treatment.

So can the Regenexx stem cell protocol help with advanced knee arthritis, the answer is yes. And it turns out that repeat treatment can give additive benefit, but that’s a topic for a future discussion.


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