Safety FirstSafety should be a key variable when making a decision on what treatment to pursue for your arthritis and tendinitis. In the last few years treatments such as platelet rich plasma and stem cells have literally exploded on the medical scene. While there are a lot of good effects with these treatments, there are potential concerns as well.

One major concern is regarding quality and safety of care. Can you be sure that you’re receiving a treatment that is well researched and understood. Are you receiving a treatment that has published data and experience behind it. If not, what expectations should you have for treatment protocols that have not been rigorously studied.  All stem cell and platelet rich plasma treatments are not equal.  Medical professionals who regularly use these treatments realize that there are important differences on the type and quality of treatment being offered based on the methods of preparation of your blood and bone marrow.

An essential advantage of the Regenexx network is being able to track patient outcomes and safety data. With growing evidence of success, it is realistic to tell patients whether they are good or poor candidates, and what sort of expected response they may be able to receive. Also important is the safety data that is published regarding Regenexx specific treatment protocols.  These studies should give patients a sense of trust and confidence in what they are receiving when they have a Regenexx treatment performed. Moreover utilizing standard protocols within the network, you can be sure that the effectiveness and safety of what you are receiving is consistent with the published data from within the Regenexx network.

A recently published article shows the safety of the Regenexx stem cell treatments. With limited adverse effects and no evidence of increased cancer risk, it’s appropriate to say that the Regenexx stem cell protocol is a low risk and effective approach to treating osteoarthritis.  It is not accurate to say that these results are applicable to other stem cell treatments because this study specifically analyzed data using the Regenexx protocol.  This further adds to the growing evidence of the Regenexx stem cell approach to arthritis.

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