ankle injuryRunning puts a significant amount of stress on the ankle. The posterior tibialis tendon helps to lift your heel off the ground and invert your foot. Injury to this tendon can occur either due to chronic stress or acutely. Classic symptoms of posterior tibialis tendinitis include pain and swelling along the inner portion of your ankle and mid foot.

If this injury does not heal well, collapse of your normal arch of the foot and over pronation of the foot can occur. Progressive difficulty with running and even walking can occur. Diagnosis is typically made with a good physical exam and confirmation of degree of pathology either via ultrasound or MRI visualization.

While mild posterior tibialis tendinitis can be treated with rest and physical therapy, more significant injuries should be treated with a biologic approach to optimally heal your tendon injury.  In general the Regenexx platelet treatments are an excellent and safe approach to deliver a high concentration of your own platelets, called platelet rich plasma, via precise ultrasound targeting.  If your injury is more significant, the Regenexx same day stem cell treatment which delivers your own bone marrow aspirate concentrate should be considered.

Recovery from a posterior tibialis tendon injury is important if your goal is return to running or other high level activity.  The Regenexx advanced platelet and stem cell treatments are vital options to help recover from this potentially disabling injury.



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