The iliotibial band is a supportive connective tissue along the side of your thigh.  It starts at the top of the hip and extends down along the outer part of your thigh and inserts at the knee.  It’s main function is to help stabilize the hip and knee.

The IT band can become irritated and painful due to various activities, in particular amongst runners.  This can occur for various reasons including stress related from overuse and compensation for a weak gluteus medius muscle. Pain can be at any level of the IT band from the top of the hip down to the knee.  If at the hip, pain is typically experienced when the hip goes into extension during walking or running. If at the knee, pain usually occurs when the knee extends and can be felt like a popping sensation along the outside edge of the knee.

Most runners frequently use foam rollers or similar devices to massage the IT band when irritated. Physical therapists typically work on stretching the IT band and strengthening the muscles around the hip to help take stress off the IT band.

If the above conservative measures are insufficient, the Regenexx platelet rich plasma treatment is an appropriate next step. Using precise ultrasound guidance your own platelets are injected into the region of the IT band that is damaged.  This helps to treat your chronic injury.  In addition if you have a pinched nerve in the lower back or arthritis in the lower back that is causing weakness in your gluteal muscles and secondarily overworking your IT band, the Regenexx PL disc treatment for the lower back can be helpful as well.  Utilizing precise xray guidance to inject the growth factors from your platelets into the joints of the lower back and around the affected nerves can be helpful in IT band syndrome as well.

Disclaimer: Like all medical procedures, Regenexx Procedures have a success & failure rate. Not all patients will experience the same results.

Regenexx Difference Infographic

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