tennis elbow painTennis elbow is a tendinitis that affects the outer part of the elbow. Specifically the tendon origin of the common extensor tendon becomes irritated and painful. The tendon and muscles that are stressed are the ones that enable wrist extension. A number of exercises and work activities can cause tennis elbow, including weight lifting and of course racket sports. Diagnosis is typically made by examination and classic ultrasound findings.

Typical treatment includes physical therapy eccentric exercises and rest. While these options are healthy for the tendon, anti-inflammatory medications and steroid injections which are also commonly used are not advisable for long term treatment of any tendinitis including tennis elbow. These other treatments have the potential to limit your normal healing process and degrade tendon tissue. While they may provide short term relief, they are not healthy lonTennis playerg term and do not provide an appropriate healing environment for your tendinitis.

A safer and more effective alternative is the Regenexx platelet rich plasma treatment. Using precise imaging guidance with ultrasound we are able to deliver a high concentration of your own platelets directly into the region of pathology and weakness in the tendon at the elbow. This high concentration of platelets results in an influx of growth factors and cells that are healthy for the tendon and help to heal your tendinitis. The patented Regenexx platelet treatments are different than other forms of platelet rich plasma because they allow a personalized highly effective approach to creating a platelet product that is specific for you and your condition rather than a one size fits all approach. Moreover, the Regenexx treatments are considered low risk non-surgical treatments with a high upside for improvement in arthritis and tendinitis.

If your tennis elbow is preventing you from enjoying your activities, consider the Regenexx platelet rich plasma treatment option.



Regenexx Difference Infographic


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