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TeleMedicine visits available now - Get remote care from the safety of your home. Click to schedule an appointment.

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What Is Regenexx?

Is arthritis, spine pain, joint or muscle injury, sports injury, or other degenerative orthopedic condition preventing you from doing the things you love? You are not alone – these types of musculoskeletal problems prevent millions of people just like you from going to work, playing their favorite sport, or even taking care of their families. Years ago, people with these orthopedic problems had very few choices: they could take a bunch of pills, undergo risky surgery, or just put up with the pain.

Fortunately, advances in medical technology have led to a number of breakthroughs and alternatives to pain, pills, or surgery. Regenexx is perhaps one of the most viable alternatives when it comes to treating bone or joint pain, strained or torn ligaments and tendons, or other common injuries and degenerative conditions.



Regenexx Procedures

Regenexx is not a single treatment, but rather a “family” of procedures that include stem cell therapy and blood platelet treatments.

How Stem Cell Therapy & Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections Work

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Stem Cell Treatments

Elbow pain can prevent you from working, taking care of your family, or exercising to maintain good health. Pain and dysfunction of your elbow may be the result of injuries, overuse, or arthritis. Treatment for elbow problems was once limited to ice and rest, pain medications, physical therapy, and steroid injections; surgery was done in severe cases. Fortunately, advances in medical technology have improved treatments for elbow injuries, overuse, and arthritis. Stem cell therapy is perhaps the most innovative new treatments for elbow problems.

Stem cells are a special type of cells that can “differentiate,” or turn into other types of body cells. There are thousands of stem cells already present in your body; when you hurt bone or tissue in your elbow, nearby stem cells rush to the scene to create replacement tissue. The problem is that there isn’t always enough stem cells in the area to do the job well. What’s worse is that we lose stem cells as we age. Stem cell therapy for elbow problems involve taking out some of your stem cells, concentrating them and injecting them into your elbow, where they go to work repairing damaged tissue.

The elbow is a complex joint, consisting of three bones, muscles, tendons that connect the muscles to the bones, and ligaments that protect and hold the ends of the bones together. Elbow conditions affect these anatomical structures of the elbow to cause pain and dysfunction.

diagram of body, prp injections, stem cell therapy

Blood Platelet Treatments
(PRP Injections)

Chicago Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine uses the power of platelets or what’s known as PRP injections to heal elbow pain and dysfunction. Platelets clot blood to stop bleeding, of course, but they also contain growth factors that speed healing and stimulate stem cell activities. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection procedures involve gathering platelets from your blood, concentrating them in plasma (the watery portion of blood), and injecting the platelet-rich plasma directly into your elbow. PRP injection for elbow issues is fast, safe and effective. Patients swear by PRP for tennis elbow and other conditions.

PRP injections are regenerative treatments, which mean they boost the body’s own natural healing power. Our procedures provide the body with the stem cells and platelets it needs to heal a variety of elbow conditions.

Common elbow conditions include:

Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) – an overuse injury resulting from repetitive hand motion, such as swinging a golf club, using a hammer, or throwing a baseball; affects the tendons on the inside of the elbow

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) – an overuse injury often experienced by those who play racquet sports, cooks, painters, carpenters and more

Osteoarthritis – a type of arthritis resulting from an elbow injury or wear and tear; the condition wears down and damages connective tissue in the elbow

Injuries – sprains and strains to the elbow joint can cause pain, joint instability, swelling, decreased range of motion


Chicago Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine vs Other orthopedic stem cell clinics

Depending on the procedures used and the doctors that perform them, stem cell treatments and their results can vary widely – in the hands of highly trained regenerative medicine practitioners, advanced procedures like Regenexx can promote greater healing faster than those created by the automated machines used at most regenerative medicine clinics.

At Chicago Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine we are your preferred option for nonsurgical management of your arthritis, tendinitis, injuries, and back pain:

  1. We offer the best available nonsurgical procedures with imaging guidance during all procedures.
  2. We offer the highest quality stem cell and platelet products via the patented Regenexx methods.
  3. We are more experienced than other clinics, specializing in Regenerative Medicine since 2008. 
  4. We are singularly focused on optimizing your musculoskeletal health with treatments that help you avoid surgery. We do not offer steroid injections or other procedures that damage tissue and worsen your condition long term.
  5. We track our results with the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation, with real time results publicly available.

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The Regenexx Difference

As the most advanced orthopedic stem cell protocol in the world, Regenexx is 100% focused on orthopedic conditions & producing the best possible outcomes.

20× More Stem Cells

Regenexx procedures contain up to 20 times more stem cells than standard stem cell procedures.


Regenexx prides itself as the most researched stem cell protocol for orthopedic conditions.

Image-Guided Injections

Regenexx physicians utilize image-guided cell injections & harvesting for absolute precision.

Superior Source

Unlike other stem cell clinics, Regenexx uses bone marrow derived stem cells, which outperform fat derived cells.


Regenexx is a complete stem cell protocol—not a single procedure.

Transparent Data

Annually published patient outcomes and safety data.

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