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Swinging a golf club may sound like a leisurely activity, however in reality it places a significant amount of stress on the joints throughout the body, in particular the lower back. Given how common lower back issues are in our society, it is useful to consider how an activity that specifically puts more stress on the lower back can be treated.

First and foremost ensuring your golf swing and biomechanics are appropriate for your health and any existing arthritis/tendinitis issues is important. If you have any existing chronic lower back issue, it is useful to consider whether your golf swing is exacerbating your chronic lower back pain. Working with a good swing coach and being videotaped can be incredibly educational. Using golf clubs that are appropriately sized may be important as well. From a biomechanic standpoint strengthening your core/back muscles is essential to protect the back. In addition if you have joint or tendon issues in the upper or lower extremities as well, your body may be compensating by avoiding putting stress on that additional body part and placing more stress on your lower back. In which case improving the range of motion and strength in that other body part may be useful for your lower back as well.

For those individuals that still have lower back pain despite making appropriate biomechanic changes, the Regenexx Spine treatment is an excellent option. The Regenexx Spine treatment is a platelet-derived treatment that comes from your own blood. It utilizes platelet rich plasma which is a high concentration of your own platelets which can be used to treat facet joint arthritis, sacroiliac joint arthritis/dysfunction, as well as help to strengthen the ligaments that support the back. In addition it utilizes platelet lysate, which is an advanced platelet preparation that essentially takes the growth factors from your platelets and is delivered as an epidural injection which can work in a beneficial way for the nerves of the back. Rather than steroid injections which can degrade tissue, work short-term, and have higher risks of infection, the Regenexx Spine treatment is healthy for your joints/tendons/ligaments/nerves, can be repairative in some cases, work longer than steroid injections, and since the treatment comes from yourself is a safer option than a synthetic medication.golfer

The Regenexx Spine treatment like other autologous biologic treatments such as platelet rich plasma and bone marrow aspirate concentrate/stem cell treatments, can be repeated as needed and in fact are more beneficial with additional treatments. In contrast to steroid injections which give an immediate benefit then taper off relatively rapidly leaving you back at your original baseline level, biologic treatments have the benefit of generally keeping you at a higher new baseline level for a longer period of time. If you require additional treatment, you are then typically building off a higher baseline. This unique benefit of biologic treatments generally leads to longer-lasting and better results long-term.

If you are a golfer and have lower back pain, correct your biomechanics, consider the Regenexx Spine treatment, and keep swinging.


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