lower back pain, Regenexx PL disc treatmentFor folks with lower back pain, it’s rare that only one structure is the pain generator. The best way to treat any joint pain, in particular the lower back, is to treat all the suspected sources of pain. That includes the components that come from the nerves, joints, ligaments, and other soft tissue supportive structures.

For the lower back the iliolumbar ligament is a major pain generator when it is strained.  The ligament is a strong supportive tissue that starts at your 4th and 5th vertebral transverse processes and extends to your iliac crest of the pelvis. As such it is an important stabilizing structure for the lower back.  When injured, you will feel pain across your lower back specifically in the space between your pelvic bone and the spine.  Typically pain is exacerbated with bending and twisting of the lumbar spine, although pain can even be aggravated with prolonged sitting.  It’s also common for pain from this ligament to refer to your hip or groin area.

Typical first line treatment is core strengthening to help support the lower back.  If that is not enough, the patented Regenexx PL disc treatment is an excellent non-surgical option.  Using precise X-ray guidance your own high concentration of growth factors from your platelets are injected into the various pain generators causing your back pain.  Targeting the iliolumbar ligament allows tightening and strengthening of this important stabilizing ligament.  On its own treating the iliolumbar ligament can reduce pain. The additional benefit of improving lumbar stability is that a more stable joint is generally less painful than an unstable one, thus this stronger stability will help longer term with your back pain as well.  In fact when comparing the Regenexx PL disc treatment to the usual steroid epidurals that are done for pain relief, data shows that the Regenexx treatment gives longer term pain relief.  In addition, given the risks associated with steroid epidural injections, the Regenexx PL disc treatment is a safer option as well.

If you’ve got back pain, consider having your lumbar spine and in particular the iliolumbar ligament treated with the Regenexx PL disc procedure.


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