The traditional paradigm for arthritis and tendinitis treatment is based on short term pain relief. Anti-inflammatories for mild pain relief for a few hours. Narcotics to mask pain in the setting of active joint and tendon pathology. Steroid injections to give possibly a few months pain relief. All short term fixes before an eventual radical joint replacement or similar tendon surgery to remove bone or other tissue.

An alternative approach is to start thinking about long term outcomes. Correct biomechanical issues driving a problem.  Lose weight to reduce stress on affected joints.  And consider a cell based treatment. 2 recent studies show the benefit of Platelet Rich Plasma in regards to long term benefit. The first, a study from Spain, examined PRP versus shockwave therapy for jumpers knee.  Both treatments showed equivalent benefit at 2 months.  But PRP was significantly better at 6 and 12 months.

The second study, from the Netherlands, compared steroid injections to PRP treatment for chronic tennis elbow.  At the 1 year mark half of the steroid group improved compared to three quarters of the PRP treatment group.  The benefits were in regards to pain and functional ability.

For arthritis and tendinitis you have many different options.  If you have a choice, consider the ones with better long term efficacy. 

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