Knee ligament injury

Ligament injuries in knees are commonly reported in athletes. They are common for regular folks as well. The ligaments in your knee help stabilize your knee as you go through all your normal activities. If a ligament in your knee is injured, you may experience pain, difficulty with walking and running, and if severe even difficulty placing weight on your affected leg.

On examination unstable movement of the knee may indicate an injury to a ligament. MRI is generally used to make a diagnosis, however a good exam can detect mild ligament looseness as well. In fact many people with knee arthritis also have a component of ligament weakness that can benefit from treatment.

For mild to moderate injuries bracing to stabilize the knee and physical therapy to strengthen the knee are useful. Regenerative treatments such as PRP and prolotherapy work well in tightening ligaments leading to better stability in the knee. Working on ligaments are a great use for regenerative treatments and can improve pain and function.

For more severely torn ligaments surgery is traditionally required. In cases where the ligament is injured with some intact fibers, stem cells have been shown to be useful even in severe cases.

Mind your knee ligaments. They support your knee and are critical for stabilization. Speak with your physician and consider your nonsurgical options.


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