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If you’re taking medications for arthritis, potential for side effects are a reality. You accept the possible risks because the upside to treatment with close monitoring is worth it. Side effects can be mild such as mild abdominal pain after taking your medication, to much more severe issues. Bottom line is you need to know what can potentially happen with your treatment and how to protect yourself. So what steps can you take to protect yourself?


1. Know what you’re taking. Know the potential risks, speak with your physician, be on top of the details. It is your life after all.


2. Don’t slack off on your laboratory checks. Most medications require periodic blood testing. These are meant to catch any early signs of problems. Skipping this testing means you’re increasing your risk with treatment.


3. Ask your doctor questions. Patients forget half their questions while meeting with their doctor all the time. While Dr Google can be helpful with general questions, it’s not a replacement for the real thing. You really should have a physician with whom you can contact and clarify issues and concerns.


4. For some conditions medications are absolutely needed. But always consider your non medication options as well. They may help you minimize the amount of medications you require.


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