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The first time I recall my mother having difficulty with her hip was during my college application process. I recall after an hour of walking she began to limp during the college campus tour due to pain in her hip. It wasn’t too long that we were behind the rest of the group due to her hip pain.

I didn’t hear too much about my mothers hip pain over the next 20+ years due to her naturally stoic nature. However a couple years ago my father had me look at an MRI my mother had for her hip pain. While she had mild arthritis in the hip joint and lower back, she had more pronounced arthritic changes and some inflammation in her sacroiliac joint. I later surmised that her sacroiliac joint was likely strained and injured during her two pregnancies and the associated pain has progressively worsened over the last 40 years. Strain and stretching of the SI joints and the ligaments throughout the pelvis are common during pregnancy. In my mother’s case her pain started in her lower back/buttock region and radiated down the outside of her leg.

I treated her sacroiliac joint on 2 occasions with the Regenexx platelet rich plasma treatment. Utilizing precise X-ray guidance I placed a high concentration of her own platelets into her SI joint during each treatment. Over a few months her pain gradually diminished and now 18 months after her last treatment she remains relatively pain free. In fact now close to 70 years old she recently completed a 5k race comfortably. Her lateral hip pain down to her knee is gone. She is able to exercise and walk freely.

The SI joint is a culprit in many people with lower back or leg pains. Diagnosis is not always easy, but in general a good history and exam can help make the diagnosis. Treatment of SI pain frequently gives patients that “aha” moment where suddenly it becomes clear that their chronic hip discomfort originates from the SI area rather than elsewhere. As in my mother’s case, the correct treatment essentially has fixed her problem.

Disclaimer: Like all medical procedures, Regenexx Procedures have a success & failure rate. Not all patients will experience the same results.


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