We understand how overwhelming it feels to choose the right provider and procedure to fix your pain.

Facing surgery is a daunting task that can leave you not trusting your decision. Sometimes you need answers from a real person, in person. Join us for our next live seminar – a lively educational class designed to give you a level of trust that no website or PDF could ever give you. Meet our team in person – We’re waiting for you! 

Before jumping into surgery, find out if it’s what you really need. Reserve your FREE seat to our next Seminar and get answers to your questions.

Are you frustrated by pain and looking for a solution?

Overwhelmed by all the information but don’t know who to believe?

You’re not alone. We can help.

Register for our FREE seminar and receive our guide to selecting a reputable provider, plus receive valuable information that can help you avoid invasive surgery.

Avoid surgery and reduce pain with Regenexx – Learn more at this free seminar!
[FREE SEMINAR] We present the latest, non-surgical procedures to treat arthritis and joint injuries as a viable alternative to surgery. Learn why Regenexx ® procedures are superior to other regenerative treatment options.

Regenexx procedures work without surgery, with the goals of reducing pain and improving function. Discover how these procedures are used in patients with arthritis, joint injuries, sports injuries and spine conditions. Review the basic science, research, and treatment options for these procedures, to help patients reduce pain, improve function, and avoid surgery.

Space fills up quickly, so register today. Please invite a friend! Light snacks provided.

Regenexx ® is used for:

Knee pain, osteoarthritis
Knee ACL and meniscal tears
Hip arthritis, pain and labral tears
Shoulder pain and rotator cuff tendonitis
Low back, neck and nerve pain, sciatica
Tennis/golfer’s elbow
Achilles tendonitis
Foot & ankle pain, plantar fasciitis
Sacroiliac joint instability
Most other common joint injuries

At the seminar, you’ll meet our team and get your questions answered. Enjoy the lively discussion with other people just like you and discover why Regenexx may be the right choice for you.

Answer – BENEFIT

At the seminar…

    By increasing the concentration of your body’s own healing agents.

    answer – benefit

    Answer – BENEFIT

    At the seminar….we talk about – XYZ – benefit

    There are many companies offering seminars to sell you procedures that don’t work or are not safe.

    Discover why we’re different and learn how to recognize a trusted provider from someone who just wants your money.

    You matter, and we’re here to help you sift through the noise to make the best decision for you.


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