A recent article in the New York Times describes the dramatic improvement in British Cycling over the last 10 years.  It involves making small improvements in everything involved in their racing effort, from hardware to ability and everything in between.  It embodies the Japanese industrial philosophy of Kaizen made famous by Toyota, emphasizing continuous improvement.  It’s the driving philosophy of the British cycling team that has transformed their results from below average to best in class.  It’s what I believe every professional and organization should be doing.

This philosophy of continuous improvement to me means “Be Better”.  Be better in every facet of what happens in the clinic.  Constantly strive to improve every part of our organization.  Offer the best and most current treatments to our patients.  Expect more in the treatments we offer our patients.  Find better treatments when the existing ones aren’t good enough.  Be better in the service we offer in the clinic.  Be better in everything.  There is no defined end point or goal.  Just a constant emphasis on trying to Be Better everyday.


I have a number of projects developing in my clinic over the next several months that will emphasize the Be Better philosophy.  I’m excited for the changes that are coming, and look forward to improving.

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